Token Sniffer Rug Pull Detector Premium Feed Proposal

Name of Premium Feed Token Sniffer Rug Pull Detector
Forta Network Bot ID 0x1ae0e0734a5d2b4ab26b8f63b5c323cceb8ecf9ac16d1276fcb399be0923567a
About Bot Owner Solidus Labs

Solidus Labs is the category-definer for crypto-native market integrity solutions - trade surveillance, transaction monitoring, and threat intelligence. Our mission is to enable safe crypto trading throughout the investment journey across all centralized and DeFi markets. As the founder of industry-leading initiatives like the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition and DACOM Summit, and in everything we do, Solidus is deeply committed to ushering in the financial markets of tomorrow. Solidus Labs has been an active member of the Forta community from the beginning. We joined the first community call in Fall 2021 and have provided regular feedback since then. We are also an active user of the Forta Network, having recently integrated the Scam Detector into our Web3AML product - announcement here.

Proposer Details:
Website -
LinkedIn - Solidus Labs | LinkedIn
Twitter -
How the Premium Feed works Rug Pulls and related fraud are a huge problem for the industry. Over 125,000 scam tokens were deployed in 2022 alone. That is why last year, we acquired a project called Token Sniffer to enhance our coverage of Web3 scams. We are now offering the Token Sniffer API to dozens of customers, including Uniswap, Anchorage, OKX, and Huobi. We also publish an annual Rug Pull report - here’s a link to the 2022 Rug Pull Report.

Our Token Sniffer Rug Pull Detector pulls data directly from our Token Sniffer API and emits intelligence on new scam tokens in the form of alerts and labels.

Typologies supported:
Honey Pot
LP Block
External Contract
Hidden Mint
Hidden Balance Modifier
Fake Ownership
Hidden Fee Modifier
Hidden Max Transaction/Wallet Amount Modifier

Supported chains (Chain ID):
Ethereum (1)
BSC (56)
Polygon (137)
Arbitrum (42161)
Optimism (10)
Fantom (250)
Avalanche (43114)
Gnosis/xDAI (100)
Harmony (1666600000)
KuCoin Community Chain (321)
Cronos (25)
Oasis (42262)
Anticipated target market DeFi traders
DEXs that support the longtail of tokens
Web3 wallets
Centralized exchanges
Maintenance/Support We will be actively maintaining the bot, testing performance, receiving feedback from the Forta community and making the appropriate upgrades on a weekly basis.

We are committing to provide technical support to all subscribers and prospective subscribers via the Feed’s dedicated Discord channel, as well as through direct communication channels.
Polygon Address for receiving fee revenue 0x5e6c88e02D34E529bC28ee724E15E3d9c4774811
Price 899 USDC/month
Performance information The Token Sniffer Rug Pull Detector currently has an accuracy rate of 99%.

We define accuracy rate as the ratio of the number of true positive, malicious smart contracts flagged relative to the total amount of smart contracts flagged by our scanner.

A random sample of flagged smart contracts are collected on a weekly basis and are manually reviewed to ensure that the snippet of code causing the contract to be flagged by the scanner accurately displays malicious functionality consistent with the typology it was labeled as. The manual reviewer then extrapolates the percentage of false positives for this random sample to apply to the full set of flagged contracts for the week. Our precision rate is as high as it is given the nature of how our scanner works - comparing smart contract source code against a database of known scam code patterns.
Documentation Documentation
Compatible licensing Forta Bot License 1.0
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The Premium Feed proposal submitted by Solidus Labs on the Token Sniffer Rug Pull Detector was approved by half of the active Council members in accordance with the Bylaws.

For refence, read the Minutes from Forta Council meeting of July 25th, 2023.