AI Malicious Bytecode/Opcode Detector Premium Feed Proposal

Name of Premium Feed | AI Malicious Bytecode/Opcode Detector

Forta Network Bot ID 0x15dd9eb127055f0adcad32ee57bea181901c24acbbdca65e68f0323479a18417

About Bot Owner | Neurablock

Neurablock leads the charge in web3 cybersecurity, focusing on the detection and analysis of vulnerabilities and threats within the web3 landscape. Our areas of expertise include identifying bugs/vulnerabilities in code, spotting attacks during the deployment phase, and, looking ahead, real-time hack prevention, all augmented by advanced machine learning. Neurablock’s mission is to safeguard the ecosystem from any form of attack or scam, providing essential tools for the protection of the web3 space.

Our current innovation, the ML Bytecode Detector bot, enables early detection of hacks during the deployment phase of malicious code. This bot scrutinizes malicious behavior at the bytecode/opcode level, allowing for the identification of potentially harmful contracts. Neurablock’s goal is to catch malicious code at its inception, thereby stopping attacks before they can interact with the project. Aiming for a future where detection is streamlined into a simple true/false outcome, we envision a fast and efficient protection system with real-time defenses.

Supported chains (Chain ID):

  • Ethereum (1)

  • BSC (56)

  • Polygon (137)

  • Arbitrum (42161)

  • Optimism (10)

  • Fantom (250)

  • Avalanche (43114)

Anticipated target market | Protocols & projects of all sizes, small/medium investors, MSSPs/ IR Teams, auditors, institutional capital/VCs/Angels

Maintenance/Support | Neurablock and its dedicated team ensure peak performance through daily monitoring and weekly enhancement sessions. Our commitment extends to comprehensive technical support for all subscribers, accessible via our email Currently, Neurablock is proud to offer this monitoring service completely free, aiming to empower investors, protocols, and projects with protective alerts.

Price | 0 USDC/month

Performance information | Leveraging our proprietary infrastructure and exclusive models, our bots issue alerts 24/7 through an API. In 2023, with public hack lists from leading audit firms, our bot achieved a success rate of 83.97%, issuing an average of 400-500 daily alerts across seven networks. For projects/protocols, the number of alerts is minimal, ranging from 0 to 5 per month, significantly reducing the review workload compared to traditional web2 monitoring systems.

Documentation | Documentation

Compatible licensing | Forta Bot License 1.0