Sybil Defender Premium Feed Proposal

Name of Premium Feed: Sybil Defender

Forta Network Bot ID: 0x349f4fc9abbd76fdcdb9b0a73b0ef1c3d53935d7ad41a3cf8b8bd32fcf514113

About Bot Owner: frwd labs

frwd labs comprises a group of blockchain security experts and software developers specializing in on-chain analytics and decentralized application security. The team’s expertise spans blockchain technology, cybersecurity, data science, and AI, making them well-equipped to handle the complexities of Sybil attack detection and prevention on EVM-compatible blockchains.

How the Premium Feed Works

Sybil Defender is a cutting-edge tool designed to provide real-time alerts on potential Sybil attacks across multiple blockchains. Utilizing advanced algorithms for community detection (like the Louvain method), heuristic analysis, and graph theory, Sybil Defender monitors on-chain transactions to detect and analyze suspicious patterns indicative of Sybil behavior, such as Airdrop Farming and Wash Trading.

The feed includes detailed alerts containing information about suspicious wallets, transaction patterns, and identified clusters of activity. These alerts are enriched with data analysis from transaction graphs, offering subscribers comprehensive insights into potential threats.

Sybil Defender is maintained by its dedicated team, leveraging community feedback and continuous research to enhance its detection capabilities.

Supported Chains (Chain ID):

  • Ethereum (1)
  • BSC (56)
  • Polygon (137)
  • Arbitrum (42161)
  • Optimism (10)
  • Fantom (250)
  • Avalanche (43114)

Anticipated Target Market

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • DeFi Protocols
  • Blockchain Security Firms
  • Investors and Asset Managers
  • Researchers and Academics


The frwd labs team, along with contributions from the blockchain security community, will actively maintain the feed. Regular updates and performance optimizations will be made based on community feedback and ongoing security research. Technical support for subscribers will be provided through dedicated communication channels including Discord and direct support lines.

Polygon Address for Receiving Fee Revenue: 0x3b8315f6144bd2B0a2657908Cb41945233058D05

Price: 899 / month

Performance Information

Sybil Defender’s technical performance can be monitored through Forta’s dedicated dashboard, showcasing its efficiency in real-time detection of Sybil attacks.

The feed’s precision metrics will be regularly updated here, reflecting its accuracy in identifying true positives and minimizing false negatives.

  • Precision: Quantified monthly, indicating the percentage of accurate alerts identifying true Sybil activities.


Documentation can be found on github here

Compatible Licensing

Forta Bot License 1.0


The Sybil Defender Premium Feed proposal submitted by Forward_1 is being reviewed, discussed and, potentially, approved by the Forta Foundation Council.

The Sybil Defender Premium Feed proposal was approved async by half of the active Council members in accordance with the Bylaws.