Lack of Marketing for Forta?

I am not a node-runner or anything like that. I’m just an investor who has invested my life savings into this project. As an investor, I do have one small thing that has bothered me about Forta, that I think might give the project a little more sustainability in the short term.

Right now, the crypto market is built off of potential, and marketing. One of the things that has bothered me about Forta, is the lack of marketing.

Nobody knows about this project. This is unfortunate because this project is on the cutting edge of cyber security in the web3 space. I genuinely believe that Forta will be “the guy” when it comes to dominance in this sector. This is why I have invested so heavily in it.

But if no one knows that we exist, then this puts a lot more pressure on the treasury continue to pull from our small pool of funds just to keep this project going. And as many of you have stated in other topics, this is entirely unsustainable.

Again, I’m just an investor, so I could be completely wrong, and have no idea what I’m talking about. But wouldn’t it make sense to be a little bit more aggressive in the marketing aspect of things, so that we can get more retail investors excited about us? This would give us a bigger market cap with which to pull from.

Google Forta right now. When you do, you’ll find almost nothing about us that is going to attract any retail investor.

There are meme coins that are blowing up on a regular basis, with absolutely no utility whatsoever. But yet, here we are, with all the potential utility in the world, and no one knows about us.

I get it, cyber security isn’t as sexy as a meme coin. But sexy sells. And it seems to me that if we did a better job of marketing our product, we could get more investors. Which might allow y’all a bit more time to develop a solid game plan going forward on how to institute fees.

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Much thanks for your trust on Forta and your perspective on the marketing strategy!

The Forta Foundation carries some of the marketing and awareness efforts to make Security a sexy topic and make sure the space knows how important is to be protected against scams, but would be awesome to hear your thoughts on how it can be improved. Can you share some on this thread? Thank you!

I am no marketing guru or anything. But it seems to me that the best way in today’s day is to do so grassroots style.

Get some of the Forta team on Tik-Tok and have them engage in viral trends. Reach out to YouTube channels that discuss crypto and ask them to review your product or the outlook on your coin/business. Place small, cheap ads on venues where you think you might get a lot of like-minded traffic.

Content creators are always looking for new, interesting topics to discuss. We (Forta) are a new, interesting topic that no one is discussing! I bet if you reached out to some of the larger social media personalities that deal with crypto and were just like “Hey, check us out and tell us what you think.” You might get some traffic because of that. All press is good press for us because we have a tremendous product in the making.

One thing that I truly believe in this world is that everyone is looking for something to believe in. it doesn’t even matter what that thing is, people just have an innate desire to attach themselves onto something that they think is “good.”

Take Shiba Inu: There is absolutely no legitimate reason why a dog coin that had no utility at the time should reach a market cap of 60 Billion. So, then how did that happen? It happened because people believed that it was worth something. They chose to believe in a dog coin because they perceived it as a “good thing.” regardless of whether it was or it wasn’t.

We do the same thing with politics, we do the same thing with religion. We attach ourselves onto causes and ideas that we perceive as “moral” or “good”; while having no real idea about what absolute morality or goodness is. But we don’t care about that, as long as we can perceive it that way.

So then how does this pertain to Forta? how does this make Forta Sexy? Easy, We sell people the perception of safety that only Forta can offer and no one else. We sell people the idea of abject morality. Good vs. Evil - Forta vs. The Bad Guys. We are here to save everybody! We are here to protect everybody!

Politicians do this all the time. They basically tell us “Don’t worry about anything. We’ll take care of everything and make sure you don’t have to worry about anything ever again. We’ll keep you safe.” And even though they have no idea wtf they’re talking about, we still gobble it up. Because as long as we perceive it as something “good” it doesn’t matter whether it is, or it isn’t.

So, my best suggestion to you would be two things:

#1 Dumb it down. You can sit there all day long and talk about all the technical jargon of all the cool stuff that Forta does, but most of these knuckle draggers out here don’t care about that. They only care how it is perceived. So, if they perceive it as overly complex and technical, then it won’t be sexy to them at all. But if you sell it to them as if Forta is a f***ing superhero, coming to save everyone’s money, then people will listen to you. All the sudden, security becomes sexy.

#2 Go grass roots, man. Shout it from the rooftops. tell every pair of ears about Forta that could possibly listen; and be cocky as hell about it. The other thing people love just as much as “perceived good” is confidence. Confidence is sexy. If you go around marketing like y’all have the biggest thing on the block, and how Forta will be the next big thing People will believe you, and they will invest in you.

Great ideas and suggestions Rikkerry! Excited about what’s coming for the Forta Network.

if I understand correctly, you are the official representative of the project, how can you ask an ordinary user how you need to build marketing (which is really completely absent at the moment) you have collected 24 million, you can hire a good marketer who will ensure the implementation of mavrketing. do you even have a person in your team who is responsible for marketing ? how do you see the further development of the project in general ? why didn 't I see a roadmap anywhere on the site ? do you have a roadmap on which you are moving ?

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Yeah, I mean, if I’m being completely transparent. It is a little hard to sit here as an investor and watch the crypto market trend upwards again (Bitcoin going up 40% ect.) While Forta goes down.

I’m not saying I’m going to jump ship or anything. But I feel like you need to show your investors something that gives them hope.

It was one thing to lose money on Forta when we were in the historic bear market. But with Bitcoin possibly breaking 30k soon, I’m sure that I (along with most of your other investors) won’t be able to stomach watching everything else go up while we stay stagnant. We’ve been bleeding chips and being used for pumps-and-dumps for a while now.

Is there anything that y’all are going to show us investors soon that will give us any hope to stick it out?

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