New system and perspective

good morning , what will happen if the new system passes the vote and delegates ? For example, if the amount of delegates is high, instead of running 5 nodes, I run 1 node and delegate all the tokens. Will this be a problem for the forta system, so forta’s own system will assign more bots with less nodes
The important thing here is more tokens instead of more computers, I got it right, right?
The reason I ask these is to determine the roadmap, my options - minimum stake with more nodes - Maximum delegates with 1 node

they have something to add. Doesn’t that make us more centralized, and put nodes and bots at risk?

Hi, in none of the PoS based mechanisms delegators can mine more tokens then the node runners. Delegator pays the fee, get the reward in ratio declared but beyond the gathered fee, node runner will get more reward for carrying out the validator duty.