Hi Community,

The Forta Foundation has issued a grant to develop a public library of agent templates. We believe having free templates that cover the most common use cases will accelerate agent development and make it easier for protocol teams to use Forta.

Here are a few things we are considering developing templates for:

  • Multisig / DAO treasury monitoring
  • Governance actions
  • Oracle/asset pricing
  • Admin events
  • Bridge contracts

I know many of you have been developing agents as part of our contests or for your own smart contract projects. If there are templates that you would find helpful/useful, please share your ideas with us so we can include them in the list.

Thanks in advance,

Ecosystem Development @ Forta


Great opportunity for agent developers and whole community
Thank you!

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Great solution, I think it’s great to help develop the project

у форты всегда только хорошие новости!

Wonderful news, It is a pleasure to see how rapidly Forta is developing

Templates can help speed up the launch of agents across networks. That’s a great idea.

Hi, as it is currently not the problem on the DeFi but NFT wash trading is a kind of glitch. So it might be better to have a template like introduction for these kind of agents.

Excellent plan for community