DeFi hacks + how Forta’s threat detection agents could have helped

Forta is opening this conversation as the first topic on because Forta wants to understand where the community can optimally invest time, effort, and resources.

Below are three videos breaking down recent major hacks and how Forta agents could have helped.

Poly Network

Compound Finance


Where do you think threat detection agents could be particularly valuable?
What are the persistent issues in DeFi? How can Forta Agents help improve them?
What other past hacks could Forta agents have helped prevent?”


Small hacks happen every day, I think Forta could prevent a lot of them, especially for exchanges, this project is very useful.
With the growth of the community and broad adoption of blockchain there will be many such stories, hopefully projects will learn a lesson from this and start taking security more seriously.


I wish the project a strong start!


Hacks are currently the biggest problem with the entire DeFi market. If we solve this problem, or at least mitigate significantly the losses, it will be a breakthrough for the whole ecosystem, and investments in blockchain will become more attractive.
It looks like the Forta is one of those products that will turn the game around.

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Forta’s unique defense mechanism should prevent hacks however nothing ever stays the same, in terms of innovation (for good and for bad) and technology is always growing, I think Forta will develop into a world-leading threat detecting Agent it’s a must-have in the blockchain. and to be honest, watching through all these videos makes me wanna only to invest in projects that are protected by Forta, but I notice Forta in all-time flags the unusual activities, shouldn’t these projects give more permission to Forta to completely freeze any transaction in the case of unusual activity or malicious attack? that way nothing can go in or out until the matter is resolved? yes maybe it’s inconvenient for the project or its investors but surely better than losing millions of dollars


Forta, with the help of its agents, helps many projects to save huge sums of money, which proves that the project has chosen the right direction. The project is in demand and has an excellent future.


Forta bring us the best point to protect our project


User safety is a very important component of every project that needs to be given a lot of time. Luckily, Forta is able to take care of that.
I’m very excited to be part of such a global project that successfully helps and protects another big projects/Defi users from hacks. Defi market is now much safer than it used to be!
Money is saved, guys!


True. It seems clear that every DEX - from Uni and Sushi on ETH, TraderJoe and Pangolin on AVAX, Spookyswap on FTM, Ube on CGLD, Pancake and Ape on BSC, and all the many others - would benefit from Forta alerts.

Forta is irreplaceable project in crypto world that can solve a lot of problems related to hacks. Forta can make Defi a safety place.

I hope defi will be more safety with Forta

Hacking always happens and I hope the forta system fix that

forta comes to put us in order in the DEFI!