Correction Proposal (FP4)

  1. change the distribution of rewards: nodes with a large number of tokens should receive rewards according to their share of the state
  2. Change the priority of connecting bolts to nodes: nodes with a higher bid and a higher sla should have priority for connecting bots to them.

what it can give

  1. reduce the number of nodes
  2. improve the quality of monitoring, as nodes with 0.86 sla cannot perform their functions effectively
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The current formula for calculating rewards is only profitable if there are 2500 staked on the node and there are no delegations even at 100% commission. We came to the conclusion that: 1) accepting delegations is beneficial for nodes only from 47% of the commission, that is, if the node wants to receive 10%, then he must put up 57%. 2) the delegator will receive about 2 times less than if he installed the node.
Therefore, in order for the delegation to make a profit, the holders of the nodes need to change the reward formula
Calculation example