Polygon Network Deposit Support for CEXs

I am not familiar with technical details and the possibility of such thing, but I want to ask:

What can be done about being able to deposit FORT tokens directly on CEXs on Polygon network instead of bridging them on Ethereum?

We node runners receive our weekly rewards in Polygon network but in order to buy and sell on actual price we first need to bridge our tokens to Ethereum wallet and then to exchanges. Ones who want to create new nodes and pools, who want to stake on their pools or who want to delegate on existing pools also goes through the same process. This takes time and requires paying bridging fees everytime, sometimes very high amounts thanks to sometimes uncontrollably rising gas fees of Ethereum network (which are already high). We don’t even consider transferring low amounts by the way. As there isn’t always enough liquidity on DEXs on Polygon network, trading on this network is generally not a feasible solution.


I fully support the addition of Polygon Network to the exchanges. with those commissions that are now in ETH, the possibility of deposits and withdrawals in the Polygon Network on exchanges is very necessary

I support this idea. We should be able to trade for Forta on the Polygon network.

I agree as well.
It seems it is not a hard work for CEX to be able to deposit/withdraw FORT tokens on Polygon network because no matter deposit or withdrawal, they are transferring.
Personally I guess it may be because the team hopes to limit the liquidity?

Hello Forta community members. I am happy to share that Gate.io has now added FORT deposits in Polygon to support for this request.


Hello! Thank you for your positive response. In order to see withdrawal fees and test the speed, I tried to deposit more than the minimum deposit amount of FORT token on Gate.io approximately 40 minutes ago but so far it does not even show on the deposit list. Could there be a problem or is this normal?

Is this still an issue or did you receive the funds? It should appear as pending after less than 5 minutes, and then might take approximately 30 minutes to be available.

Maybe I sent a very small amount (around 0,09 FORT), that was why haven’t received it (It was what was left on my wallet). Some friends of mine who sent more tokens received them earlier on their Gate wallet, in accordance with your answer.

By the way, I hear that depositing FORT is possible but withdrawing is not. I would like to ask for your support for this as well. It would be very beneficial for us the node runners who want to stake or delegate their tokens on Forta network. Just like depositing which has been enabled, would it be possible to withdraw FORT tokens from Gate in near future to Polygon Network?

Yes, it probably is because you did a deposit of an amount below minimum.

Regarding withdrawals, that should be enabled too.

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