Minutes of the Forta Governance Council (8/2/2022)

Council Members Present:

  • Demian Brener
  • Hart Lambur
  • Jeremy Sklaroff
  • Jonathan Alexander
  • Juan Garre
  • Mat Travizano
  • Tomasz Stańczak


The Council meeting opened at approximately 8:05 pm (UTC) on August 2, 2022. It was noted that proper notice had been provided to the Council in accordance with the Bylaws. All seven Council members were in attendance and the meeting had a quorum. The Council consented to the attendance of a Foundation staff member at the meeting to present to the Council, as well as to the appointment of a third-party notetaker.

Update on Previous Action Items

The Council discussed the status of ongoing action items, including the successful passing of FP-2 with over 90% of voters approving the proposal covering various matters related to detection bot staking. It was noted that there was significant voter turnout on Snapshot for FP-2 and multiple Council members made positive remarks in regards to the Forta community’s involvement in the governance process. A Council member updated the rest of the Council regarding an ongoing discussion with a prominent Web3 platform that was interested in leveraging Forta for financial user use cases, but noted that no final details had been presented and that any formal proposal would be brought to the Council for review.

Smart Contract Role Assignments

The Council continued the discussion from previous Council meetings regarding the current smart contract role assignments within the Forta Network. A Council member summarized the risk definition and quantification exercise that had been undertaken regarding the various roles and the Council discussed the more detailed summary that had been circulated to the Council prior to the meeting. A question was asked regarding whether it was possible to quantify the various risks in dollars. A Council member clarified that because staked tokens in the Network fluctuates in real-time and because the value of a token is not static, they thought it made more sense to define risk more broadly. A question was raised regarding a signing role held by a Defender Relayer and whether there was single key risk in regards to such role. A Council member explained that the role existed to automate a certain aspect of the airdrop related to eligible recipients with off-chain data provided by Github. The Council ran through an exercise that roughly quantified the risk regarding such role, which involved a Council member providing an update on the status of the airdrop and the inclusion of the 50 additional addresses as eligible for the airdrop following appeals from certain members of the Forta community, which had been signed by the Council on-chain. A Council member explained that they do not expect any further appeals. No further questions followed and it was determined that the Council should review the details regarding the risk definition exercise and that the Council could determine whether to alter any signing roles after such review, if thought appropriate.

Amendments to Council Bylaws

It was noted that although certain amendments to the Council Bylaws had been approved asynchronously following the last Council meeting, such approval had not been included in the related meeting minutes and that therefore, these minutes should include an update regarding the explicit approval by a two-thirds majority of active Council members in accordance with the Bylaws. A Council member noted that they had made a comment to the proposed amendments and to ensure that they were included when the Foundation formally approves and circulates the updated Bylaws.

Closing of the Meeting

No further matters were presented by the Council and the meeting was closed.