Minutes of the Forta Governance Council (02/28/2023)

Council Members Present:

  • Hart Lambur
  • Jonathan Alexander
  • Juan Garre
  • Demian Brener


The Council meeting opened at approximately 8:00 pm (UTC) on February 28, 2023. It was noted that proper notice had been provided to the Council in accordance with the Bylaws. Four of the Council Members were in attendance and the meeting had a quorum. The Council consented to the appointment of certain third-party notetakers and attendees.

FORT Staking

The Council opened the meeting by discussing the role of the FORT token within the Forta Network. It was noted that FORT is imperative for the security of the Network and that participation in the key roles of the Forta Network had always required a participant to acquire FORT in order to run a node and deploy a bot. Most recently, delegation has allowed other community members to stake on nodes.

The Council discussed a related agreement that was being negotiated with a new firm. The Council discussed the firm’s reputation and the diligence process and agreed that the Foundation’s entry into the agreement would be in the best interest of the Forta Network.The proposal to approve the agreement was passed by the Council following unanimous approval of the Council members, in accordance with the Bylaws.

Certain details have been excluded from these minutes in accordance with the Bylaws, as they are confidential matters subject to non-disclosure agreements with third parties.