Minutes of the Forta Governance Council (6/10/2022)

Written Proposals

Council Introductions

5 of the Council members were able to attend an initial meet-up earlier in the week where they were able to introduce themselves and share their experience and involvement with Forta and the broader Web3 ecosystem. Two council members were absent from such meet-up and had given notice of such planned absence due to personal reasons, which absences were both expected to last approximately one month. The present Council members suggested at the meet-up that the initial proposals in front of the Council could be decided upon by written proposal later in the week, so that the absent members could have an opportunity to review and consent to any initial decisions.

FP-1 & Permissionless Launch

Council members had discussed the successful passing of FP-1 by the community of FORT token holders, the first proposal under the Forta Proposal Process. Other than the election of the Council, the further actions approved by the community under FP-1 include transferring the signing privileges over the material Foundation multisigs and thereafter removing the whitelist from the FORT token smart contract. The Council members had discussed best practices in regard to wallet security practices and the multisig transfer and it is proposed that the Foundation and Council undertake such actions on an asynchronous basis, including the signing of the transaction to remove the whitelist. There was a proposal that following completion of such transfer, the Foundation should update the Forta community through Forta’s official channels. The Council noted that the actions contemplated herein should take about 1 week to complete, assuming no issues are identified.

The Council approved the proposal to undertake the transfer of the signing roles for the material Foundation multisigs and the removal of the whitelist asynchronously and thereafter the Foundation shall update the community accordingly.

FORT Airdrop

A detailed presentation on the FORT airdrop goals and eligibility criteria had been shared with the Council prior to the written proposal. A Council member asked a question about how scam contracts had been screened in determining eligibility and discussion ensued regarding such filtering and the question was resolved. The proposed claim period was 3 months, after which any unclaimed FORT tokens would be returned to the Foundation treasury. A Council member asked a question about which chains were eligible for the airdrop and discussion ensued regarding the relationship between Ethereum and Polygon chains and such question was resolved.

The Council approved the proposed FORT Airdrop as discussed.

Future Council Meetings

The Council discussed their availability for regular meetings of the Council and proposed that the Council schedule time every two weeks to hold such regular Council meetings.

The Council approved the proposed Council meeting schedule.


The transfer of the admin multisigs controlling the FORT token smart contracts to the Council have now been completed following testing of all Council members’ addresses in accordance with best security practices. Completing the testing and transfer process took more than the estimated 1 week to complete due to certain Council members’ absence for personal reasons.