Forta Proposal 6 (FP-6): Implementing Bot Data Fees


On May 12, 2023, the community approved FP-5 and an initial implementation of Data Fees in the Forta Network by way of a FORT token holder vote under the FPP, including a basic peer-to-peer fee architecture in the Forta Network, which was passed with overwhelming approval and ratified by the Council. Once implemented, Data Fees will need to be paid by users (who want to subscribe to or access data generated by the Network) to bot owners using Unlock smart contracts integrated into the Forta Network.

This Forta Proposal 6 (or FP-6) is being socialized to have the community review and then vote on certain details relating to the actual technical implementation of Forta Data Fees, including:

  1. the monthly subscription price for the General Plan, which will be comprised of all Forta Bots other than those with a dedicated Premium Plan, and
  2. the minimum requirements that should be included in the creation of any Premium Plans.

It may be helpful to review FP-5 in conjunction with this FP-6 proposal and keep in mind that as an initial implementation of a fee framework, the technical architecture and parameters will likely evolve over time, especially as new technical solutions become available for payment methods and types.

If approved, it is expected that Forta Data Fees would be implemented in August 2023. Thereafter, subscribers would be required to pay for access to alerts, findings, and labels generated by the Forta Network according to the respective plans and their corresponding prices.

Please comment below if you have any further feedback that you believe should be considered before this FP-6 goes to a vote. Voting on FP-6 will be determined by a vote of FORT token holders on the Forta Snapshot beginning on July 10, 2023 and ending on July 12, 2023 (exact start/end times to be announced through official Forta channels).

General Plan Details

  • The primary Forta Network plan is proposed to be called the General Plan, which will include all bots in the Network other than those bots or feeds that are included in a Premium Plan (as detailed below). By default, any bot deployed to the Network in accordance with the on-chain parameters (e.g. sufficient stake) will be automatically included in the General Plan.
  • Following engagement by a variety of Forta users, the following monthly price range was developed in the table below. The actual price for the General Plan will be determined by this vote, so be sure to vote!

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 4.59.22 PM

  • Subscription fees for the General Plan would be distributed to bot owners with bots in the General Plan according to the number of subscribers and API users each bot has.

Details for Premium Plans

  • Premium Plans will provide paid access to specialized bots or data feeds, purchasable separately at tailored pricing. Any bot owner should be able to submit a request to create their own Premium Plan(s) to include the data from their bot(s). This request is proposed to be submitted to community governance (as detailed below) and would need to include the following information in order to be created:

    • desired name of Premium Plan;
    • proof of bot ownership and owner name(s);
    • price in FORT or USDC;
    • performance information;
    • documentation;
    • compatible licensing (Forta Bot License 1.0 is compatible, but not required);
    • owner wallet address for fee receipt (on Polygon);

Using the scam-detector-feed as an example:

  • Provided that a submission to create a Premium Plan submission includes all the requisite information, a Premium Plan could be approved in one of two ways through the community governance process:
    • the Council could approve the Premium Plan at its next Council meeting (for clarity, the Council may delegate any of its responsibilities as appropriate, e.g. depending on the volume of requests), or
    • majority approval of the Premium Plan by the community via Snapshot voting using the FPP process with at least 1 million FORT votes.
  • Any changes requested to a Premium Plan (including price) requested by an owner could be considered according to the same process as set out above, subject to reasonable limits on change requests.
  • A dedicated area of the Forta Forum should be created for the community to post requests (and/or a submission form), as well as a Discord channel if thought appropriate.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • As always, anyone has the ability to refer any bot included in any plan (including Premium Plans) to the Arbiter Multisig under the Forta Network Slashing Policy if they believe a bot under any plan presents a security risk to the Network or is otherwise malicious.
  • Given that bot developers typically retain the intellectual property rights in their bots, it is expected that any bot developer could enforce terms and conditions applicable to their bot and seek legal action against any users that violate their particular licensing terms and the terms and conditions of this FP-6 proposal, including but not limited to those users that do not adhere to the terms of the General Plan.
  • This FP-6 proposes that no subscriber to the General Plan shall make their subscription available to, or use the subscription for the benefit of, anyone other than their own team or end users and that they shall not sell, resell or distribute their subscription to the General Plan except as integrated with their own offerings that provide additional material functionality to their end users.

Technical Architecture and Smart Contract Roles

  • As per FP-5, every plan will have its own Public Lock smart contract for each payment type, which users will interact with directly to pay the corresponding subscription fees. The Council Multisig (0x30ceaeC1d8Ed347B91d45077721c309242db3D6d on Polygon) will be responsible for deploying each Lock smart contract related to each plan on Polygon and signing any transactions required to integrate the plan into the Forta Network or to make changes to any plan. The Council Multisig will always be required to retain a “Lock Manager” role, which is automatically granted to the address that deploys it.

  • Data Fees will be automatically collected by the Lock smart contracts and will be distributed as rewards to the bot developers who own the detection bots in that plan at the end of each epoch. The Beneficiary address of all plans will be a multisignature wallet, with related automated fee distribution implemented that can be determined and approved by the Council prior to implementation. The Council may determine to delegate the administrative aspects of its smart contract roles, however it must also always maintain a Lock Manager role for all Forta Network Locks.

  • Approval of this FP-6 proposal should be taken as active and ongoing approval by the community of the matters above and the future transactions contemplated unless a related FPP proposal later passes via a FORT token holder vote under Phase 3 of the FPP.

Snapshot Voting Method

  • The “weighted voting” system on Snapshot will be used for this FP-6, which will provide 4 ways to vote. All votes for an “approve” choice (the first three) will be aggregated together to determine the total approval votes for FP-6 versus the number of “do not approve” votes (choice 4). If FP-6 is approved, the initial pricing for the General Plan will be determined by the highest number of votes for an “approve choice”.


I would suggest a Free Tier for Basic Bots Or Trial Plan for few Days so new user can try bots/alerts.
Also Payment in FORT but fixed USD would fix the expenses of Users (not subjected to FORT price fluctuations).


I agree with Anurag.
It should be at least 3 plans: free, general and premium to ensure Forta Bot Data could be experienced by users as many as possible and match different needs, which is a common way of solution providing (like Alchemy and Chainstack).

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Thank you for the feedback @anurg and @sawa!

  • Free trials to onboard users so they can test and get to know the bots and feeds sounds like a very good idea.

  • Paying in FORT depending on a fixed value in USD is not possible to set up on the Unlock integration right now, so the proposal is that premium feed owners can select if they prefer FORT or USDC fixed price.

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Update on FP-6, there has been a change in the voting mechanism for Snapshot in FP-6. Instead of employing “weighted voting,” the system will now use a single choice voting method (offering the four available options).

This update does not impact the final results, but rather enhance the user experience for FORT token holders. The intention behind this modification is to simplify the voting process.


Snapshot voting update: The community has spoken and users will access to valuable threat intel for only 250 FORT/month.

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